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The Queen of The Castle




“I am thrilled to introduce you to a remarkable woman – Renata Castellé. Renata doesn’t fit the usual profile of a successful business-woman. Too humble and too down to earth – now, she lives in the Castle she dreamed to build for herself.

Taking on the challenges of life, she managed to stay true to herself as an individual, regardless of years of oppression by those who she truly loved.

Unjustifiably and carelessly, robbed by her own family from completing formal education, she followed her inner self and willingness to embrace change.

In the perfect ending, with enthusiasm and sheer determination, as a single business operator, Renata became successful in her own right.”

“Here you will find the answers to the questions: “What is the value of life?”, “What should we aim for?”, “Can we achieve our dreams?” and “How do we find true happiness?”.


“Truly an inspiring story… I did find the frankness, clarity and honesty in Renee’s openness of how she succeeded very encouraging…”- Daniela Tyson, IP Officer at SA Pathology.

“…Lucid, entertaining it succeeds brilliantly in the mission to explain how to succeed in making money…” -DAVID MCGLYNN BRANCH MANAGER; Greater Building Society.

“…shows what a person can really achieve in themselves and pursue their dreams. A truly inspirational story!” – JO BOLAND

“…It is very humorous. It is an inspirational story about life, about overcoming the adversities of life and how to become successful in life; I really enjoyed it.”- KAREN TUCKER

“Wow! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing book. I am very impressed in the style the book is written. It is such an inspirational story; I could not put it down.

Renata Castelle’s story was shared with me at the right time of my life and I cannot thank you enough for sharing these experiences. Everyone has moments in their lives which can make them unhappy. We all dig into our past for answers which will hopefully allow us to live happy. Rene’s life is full of incredible experiences. I am amazed how optimistic she remains; for me this is a life changing experience. She overcomes her past in a positive way; continuously moving forward. This is a recipe for happiness in life which we can all strive for. Renata, you do not realize how many lives are going to be changed by reading this book. I have to say that your biggest ‘profit’ will be improving people’s well-being.”- MARGARET FEDORCZYK

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“The Queen of The Castle” is a straightforward real life inspirational story. Renata’s life story as a victim of family oppression is quite tragic.

However, her life journey is simply phenomenal!

The uneducated mother of two breaks away, embraces the necessity of providing for her children and dismisses the existence of failure to become a wise Queen of business. She creates one opportunity after another in order to achieve her childhood dream of living in a Castle with ocean and mountain views.

“The Queen of The Castle” will give you the chance to pick yourself up, to sort out your life for the better and inspire you to achieve your dreams.

Learn to refuse to be a victim!   Learn to believe in your dreams!” – ELENA ORNIG