In a world dominated by self-replicating robotic machines

A new world order was established in the future


Gaia–X was the most sophisticated spacecraft ever hurled into the heavens in the 21st century. The launch was perfect; then five years later, the spacecraft vanished. Only two people knew about an unsolicited micro-parasitic chip secretly installed on Gaia–X.

Following a cataclysmic event, soon after Gaia’s disappearance, a new world order was established. No money, no religion, no conventional marriage and no prisons. Only one incentive for all, including the Badlanders hiding in bunkers in the toxic lands beyond the protective domes, was offered – eternal life.

Now, progress is driven by a compelling united mission – saving the already devastated Mother Earth from the fatal shifting of its tectonic plates. The new Government, the Council of the Wise, is highly moral, yet far from naive; it controls less trusted members of society with implanted bio-chips, exposing emotionally charged thoughts. In a world dominated by self-replicating robotic machines, society’s future is being insured through the very deliberate creation of genius babies.

Although the planet is showing some signs of recovery, the survival of humanity is far from assured. Amid this uncertainty, the long-lost Gaia-X is returning to Earth – but it is not alone.

eBook by David Byerlee


“A fascinating look into a world where the bigbrother is taken one step farther, full of inventive detail which makes ones spine chill at the possibility that it might all come true one day.” – Sharon Doidge


“You have taken me on an intriguing journey into the inevitable future of our planet. The first signs of this decline are now occurring but how many are concerned enough to act? The young generation will enjoy this book as it shows them their future and we hope they learn from it. We older citizens will also enjoy the book and be glad that we will not live through it. Your characters are well-developed, but it is sad to see there are still “the have’s” and the “have-nots”.  Looking forward to the sequel.”

Regards, Beryl Carney


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