New eBook is controversial and provocative or is it just brutally honest?


Gold Coast QLD, Australia – April 2, 2012 – the Secret Author has published his controversial and provocative digital book “Why Every Man Should Update His Wife” with Australian digital publishing company – “Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd”.

“I want to stress that the men I interviewed were mostly professional, well-educated and apparently successful people. They were colleagues working in Australia, Asia, Europe and Russia, in a range of industries in both the public and private sector. They were all good people. It is their stories and experiences that relate in this book. They are the secret author.”  – announced The Secret Author, then bravely added: “Part of me is in every man and this book is not a women hate book; quite the opposite, it worships women.”

Exploring men’s sexuality in graphic detail, the book delves into motivation, purpose and the futility of persisting with an unsatisfactory relationship. It exposes stark views on marriage, on having children and apparently worthless social values. It dwells upon the understanding of men’s “self-worth” and fear of failure; attitude to prostitution; misunderstanding of mid-life crisis and permanent relationships; opinion about older wives and younger women and expresses views about true love.

The book is clearly addressed directly to men. It is written for men; it reflects their opinions and attitudes and it clearly manifests the warning on the sales page: “It is not meant to be read by women”.

However, the first buyers surprisingly were women and they are already stating their opinions: “Adelle from Queensland: “Both my husband and myself enjoyed reading “Why Every Man Should Update His Wife”. This book gave us the opportunity to discuss topics we wouldn’t normally talk about.

No subject was out-of-bounds for the Secret Author. I didn’t find this book to be offensive at all; I did enjoy reading it and seeing relationships from a male’s perspective. I recommend you read this book then pass it on to your friends; it’s a great conversation starter.”

And Elena Ornig, as a Director of publishing company “Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd” has publically divulged: “Yes, it is true. Sometimes this book is highly offensive, often humorous and definitely written in a tongue in cheek fashion. It lays bare men’s sexual ambitions, and details the disturbingly but perhaps usual behavior of men, from adolescence to maturity.”

Well, if this is the usual behavior of men, then why is it promulgated as a provocative and controversial book? The reason is simple – it does argue against social values and it does discuss men’s brutally honest opinions and attitude towards women. That is why it is issued with the warning – ‘for men only’!

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