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“When you consider the quality of dental care for your health, you want only the best – if you can afford it.  The only question remaining is “where to go”?

I was fortunate to work it all out for myself by listening to those who had been there and got my perfect smile in a matter of just a little over one year. Bangkok has the most hospitals in all of Thailand and that is exactly where I went.

The big bonus was that I also experienced a different culture, learned some fascinating history and met interesting people. As an extra benefit I experienced countless food feasts and some exciting shopping – all while keeping my modest budget intact. To be precise, right now I feel ecstatically happy because I have obtained my perfect smile from Bangkok for less than half the price I would have paid in Australia; actually a lot less than half.

The benefits of saving money and time would be the major thrill for the reader’s interest. The benefits of knowing factual information from practicing dentists – very beneficial! I personally see it as valuable reading. In combination, the tips from the locals and other tourists, the facts from the authorities, and my personal experiences are priceless knowledge. The answers about the rules that every patient/traveler needs to know before going to Bangkok are very helpful as well.  What is undervalued here is the actual price of the book ($2.99), but on the other hand it makes the beneficial content very accessible to many and that is a great thing.

I wish readers to take advantage of this offer and more importantly to achieve their desire to have a healthy teeth and a perfect smile.

My warmest regards,” Elena Ornig

“So brave to use your own story as evidence …so clever to back up all of your opinions with confirmational  interviews or valid affirmation … This story is what makes you a whole lot better than Naked Planet in its approach to taking the tourist by the hand… excellent.”– Stan Broadhurst,  MBCS CITP

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2 thoughts on “Perfect Smile From Bangkok- Perfect Guide!

  1. Hello here is what I thought of Elenas great piece of work …
    Hi Elena… your work is very different ..very honest …very real …
    very interesting … very informative

    You have achieved a remarkable balance of fact …evidence and
    affirmation… a brilliant mixture which is totally believable because
    of this balance….

    So brave to use your own story as evidence …so clever to back up all
    of your opinions with conformational interviews or valid affirmation
    … This story is what makes your a whole lot better than Naked Planet
    in its approach to taking the tourist by the hand… excellent

    One single downside for me is that initially you could seem to be
    overemphasising the quality of the clinic by repetition … a little
    brochure like I think … no one at IBM got sacked for doing this
    …but it takes away from the feel that you achieve in the rest of
    this great work

    Thank you for letting me have sight of it … I truly hope that you
    get success and recognition for this brave work ….

    Kind Regards

    Stan Broadhurst MBCS CITP

    • Tank you very much Stan!
      Greatly appreciated your opinion!
      I totally agree with you that I had over emphasized the quality of clinic and I have to tell you that I would praise this clinic even more if I could. The reason is simple – this clinic is deserve it and it is not just my opinion. Every patient I had met there was happy with the received treatment and remarkable quality of the dentists. They just so good!
      I guess, I just couldn’t help myself to stress my overwhelming gratitude.
      Thank you for reading and thank you for being very honest in your opinion!
      My warmest regards,
      Elena Ornig

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