Thought Provoking Post-Apocalyptic World

Publishing company Julia Sophistique Pty Ltd is proud to announce the release of the science fiction novel ˜Gaia Redux’ by David Byerlee.

The author of the suspense thriller ˜London’s Falling’, creates a though provoking post-apocalyptic world in his first sci-fi novel ˜Gaia Redux’.

David Byerlee articulates: ˜My father was a leading American geophysicist, specializing in continental deformation from stresses in the Earth’s crust. ˜Byerlee’s Law’ is named after my father Dr. Lames D. Byerlee. To a great extent, I was inspired by his work. My first science fiction novel is also a personal reflection of my experiences in the environmental movements in Australia and Japan. The conflict between economic drivers and the environment, problems such as global warming, pollution and the extinction of species are of real concern to me. In ˜Gaia Redux’ I present a futuristic, yet very possible, devastation of the Planet.

What would the world be like if global challenges were put off for future generations to deal with? In ˜Gaia Redux’ we are faced with a world in which land, seas and air have been almost annihilated. Despite astounding technological advantages people have become very anxious and uncertain. Today, many feel that a high-tech fix will solve all of humanity’s difficulties. This could well be wishful thinking at best and in ˜Gaia Redux’ I intensify my message to the world that the time to think and act globally is now. Everyone can play a role in this planetary initiative to rescue mother Earth and ensure the future of the human race.’

Author of Gaia Redux


The novel starts in 2024 when the spacecraft Gaia-X is hurled into the heavens. The launch was perfect; then, five years later, the spacecraft vanished. Only two people knew about an unsolicited micro-parasitic chip secretly installed on Gaia“X”.

Following a cataclysmic event, soon after Gaia’s disappearance, a new world order was established. No money, no religion, no conventional marriage and no prisons. Only one incentive for all, including the Badlanders hiding in bunkers in the toxic lands beyond the protective domes, was offered eternal life.

Now, progress is driven by a compelling united mission “saving the already devastated Mother Earth from the fatal shifting of its tectonic plates. The new Government, the Council of the Wise, is highly moral, yet far from naive; it controls less trusted members of society with implanted bio-chips, exposing emotionally charged thoughts. In a world dominated by self-replicating robotic machines, society’s future is being insured through the very deliberate creation of genius babies.

Although the planet is showing some signs of recovery, the survival of humanity is far from assured. Amid this uncertainty, the long-lost Gaia-X is returning to Earth but it is not alone. 



Post-Apocalyptic World

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